Donovan McNabb thinks Vince Young 'deserves a second chance'

If we're keeping score, Young has already had a second and third chance. (Getty Images)
Donovan McNabb, whose name we last heard leaving the lips of professional wrestler John Cena as part of some bizarre motivational ploy, was in the news again this week and this time it was football-related.

The former NFL quarterback who played for the Eagles, Redskins and Vikings over a 13-year career, said Tuesday that another former NFL quarterback -- Vince Young -- warrants one more shot in a league that spit him out before the 2012 season.

"He deserves a second chance," McNabb said during an appearance on NFL Network, via the Buffalo News. "Quarterback play has been really declining by a lot of different teams. A lot of guys are restructuring contracts [and] releasing their quarterbacks.

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"Give him an opportunity to get back on his feet and also get himself established in this league," McNabb continued. "He was able to apologize to [coach Jeff] Fisher and move on with his life. Give him an opportunity, bring him into camp and show his talents once again. He did it at the Texas Pro Day [Tuesday]. Obviously, a lot of eyes were focused on him. He was able to elevate and show he is still working hard to get back to be an elite quarterback."

Here's the thing: Young got his opportunity in 2006 when the Titans drafted him third overall. The second chance McNabb mentioned above came with the Eagles in 2011 (Dream Team!), and chance No. 3 with the Bills last offseason.

What does he have to show for it?

Young played his way out of the league and reportedly blew through most of what he earned in the process. Yes, we know: Young got caught up in trappings of youth, fame, and immense wealth.

And now he's a cautionary tale.

It didn't have to be that way. But either no one ever pulled Young aside and said "Hey, you know what, dropping 300 large on a birthday party is a really stupid idea," or he chose to ignore them. Either way, here we are; Young desperately needs a job and needs to catch another break to find one.

But here's the front-office calculus that will likely prevent it: Do Young's talents outweigh all the other stuff? Stints in Tennessee, Philly and Buffalo say no. Still, the NFL is a passing league short on quality passers. And as such, McNabb thinks Young makes a lot of sense for a quarterback-needy franchise.

"You look at Oakland, Jacksonville, teams that are struggling with their quarterbacks, questioning their leadership and their play," he said. "[Young] left Tennessee, Jake Locker maybe not the guy they were expecting -- not saying he could go there -– but also you look at Buffalo.

"Buffalo is looking to bring in a young quarterback. Bring him in there with Tarvaris Jackson ... and give them an opportunity to establish themselves as a football team. If you bring him in there, you know the type of talent you have. Just give him a chance to play."

Maybe McNabb wasn't paying attention, but the Bills did give Young a chance, last offseason, and he was released for the aforementioned Tarvaris Jackson (that doesn't look good on a resume). Not only that, but what's the message to Bills fans when the organization has made it clear that a young franchise quarterback is priority No. 1, and after dumping Ryan Fitzpatrick they promptly sign Young?

So while the Bills are expected to land a quarterback in the draft, that doesn't mean they won't have their eyes peeled in the interim. CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reported Tuesday that Seahawks backup Matt Flynn could even be an option.

Much less likely: Young, even if he was impressive at his pro-day workout.

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