It's been six days since the Browns ended the great mystery of the 2018 NFL Draft and selected Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield with the first-overall pick. Before the draft, the Browns guarded their draft plans like the Empire guarded the Death Star plans at Scarif -- Mayfield didn't even emerge as the betting favorite until the day of the draft. But now that the draft is over, the Browns are opening up about their process.

On Wednesday, during an appearance on NFL Network's "Good Morning Football," Browns general manager John Dorsey explained when he knew Mayfield was his guy and why he kept the pick a secret from his own staff -- and his wife.

"Personally, when I knew is when I left the private workout in Norman, Oklahoma, I knew in my gut that that was gonna be the guy," Dorsey said. "But when you make a decision this large, you want to have unanimous consent in the building. So you don't want to set the stage or alter anything. So you want to hear unbiased opinion on everybody before you make this decision. So that's why I kept it as pure as we possibly can."

So, why did he settle on Mayfield over the rest of the Big Four -- Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold?

"With regards to Baker's ability, I thought he has great accuracy, I think he has a quick release, he's got feet to extend the play, he's got a strong enough arm," Dorsey said. "Statistically, you look at the statistics that he has, he was one or two in all these different categories. And then when you watch his teammates galvanize to him at certain parts of the game, you know this guy's got a little bit of 'it' factor."

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Dorsey's not wrong about Mayfield's resume being better than the rest. After all, Mayfield is coming off a Heisman season, during which he completed 70.5 percent of his passes and racked up 4,627 passing yards and 43 touchdown passes, and he was Pro Football Focus' top-ranked quarterback prospect entering the draft. He might not have emerged as the favorite in the eyes of the betting community until the morning of the draft, but as we've learned in the aftermath, the NFL community always loved him as a prospect.

As for Dorsey's explanation for why he kept the pick a secret from the rest of his staff, it certainly makes coach Hue Jackson look a bit better. During the draft process, reports claimed that Jackson was in the dark along with everyone else -- reports that Jackson's agent refuted, by the way. Dorsey not telling Jackson that he desired Mayfield because he wanted to know how Jackson truly felt about the quarterbacks plays significantly better than Dorsey not telling Jackson because he was out of the loop and/or untrustworthy.

Comments that Jackson made on Saturday indicate that Jackson might've been operating on the same timeline as Dorsey. After the draft, Jackson told's Mary Kay Cabot that Mayfield won him over at his private workout.

"Working him out and spending that time in Norman and watching him with his teammates and how he throws the football (convinced me)," Jackson said. 

So, there you have it: Mayfield won over both Dorsey and Jackson at his private workout in March, and Dorsey didn't tell anyone about his love for Mayfield because he wanted to get unbiased opinion before he made the pick. Both of those things actually make sense, which seems weird to say when talking about the Browns.

Their reason for passing on Josh Rosen, on the other hand, doesn't make quite as much sense.