Doug Marrone says it was a 'big mistake' not getting Leonard Fournette ball more in Jaguars' loss to Colts

The Jacksonville Jaguars were supposed to be revitalized with Nick Foles back under center after the team's starting quarterback missed the past nine games with a fractured clavicle. Instead, Jacksonville put up a dud in a 20-point loss to the Indianapolis Colts, allowing Indianapolis to score 31 straight points. 

Foles played okay in his return, going 33 of 47 for 296 yards with two touchdowns and an interception, but didn't receive any help in the running game. The Jaguars rushed the ball just nine times in the loss, with Leonard Fournette having only eight carries for 23 yards. With the Jaguars only down three points at halftime, Jacksonville ran the ball three times in the second half and became heavily reliant on Foles to carry the offense. 

An interesting way to abandon Fournette, who has just 19 carries for 63 yards over the last two games. Even though Fournette is averaging just 3.3 yards per carry during the stretch, Marrone admits he needs to give him the ball. 

"That was my mistake. That was a big mistake by me," Marrone said, via the Jaguars website. "I thought we needed to score points in a quicker fashion. That's what led to the increased pass attempts. That's on me as a head coach. We need to be more balanced moving forward. Believe me, I know more than anyone that a strong rushing attack will open things up in the pass game. I know it works hand in hand. 

"I know we're frustrated. I know Leonard's frustrated … the line. He wants to make plays and help us win the game. That was the mindset. I was wrong and I made a mistake."

Fournette is having his best season in the NFL carrying the football, having 854 yards and a touchdown, averaging 4.7 yards per carry while playing in every game. The touchdown numbers are down for Fournette, as Jacksonville has just one on the season (last in the NFL). The Jaguars reliance on the passing game has gone on all season in the red zone, no matter if Foles or Garner Minshew is at quarterback, as Jacksonville is last in red zone scoring at 34.48%. 

Jacksonville can easily make Fournette happy by just giving him more carries in the red zone. If the Jaguars are going to make a playoff run, they are going to have to commit to the run ... and Fournette more often. 

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