Doug Pederson sees Ben McAdoo's point, but hasn't seen complacency in Eagles

Former Giants coach Ben McAdoo generated headlines on Thursday when he made his return to the public sphere with an explosive interview -- his first since getting fired by the Giants in December. In that interview with the New York Post, McAdoo said that he thinks the defending NFC East and Super Bowl champion Eagles are going to fade in 2018 because "they're gonna have a hard time handling success."  

On Friday, Eagles coach Doug Pederson responded. During an interview with NBC Sports Philadelphia's "Philly Sports Talk," Pederson acknowledged McAdoo's concern, but added that he hasn't seen complacency set in with his team to this point in the summer.

"I think there's a point there. I mean, quite honestly, complacency can set in. You can skip an OTA, you can maybe skip a workout or whatever. But what I saw from our players was not that. Our players showed up for OTAs, they spent time getting themselves ready. 

"I did my part to help take care of the veteran players who played a ton of snaps last fall. And our guys have kind of moved on from last season. They're looking forward to this season. And it is my job to make sure they don't get complacent and we stay hungry and there is an edge. And we're going to get everybody's best each week and that's what we want. I think anybody that plays on Sunday wants to play the best. 

"So now we've got the targets on our backs and we're going to embrace that and get ready this training camp and we are going to try to defend. But at the same time, we're going to take it one week at a time and build the season just like we did last year."

Long story short: Sure, complacency can be a factor, but Pederson doesn't think that'll be an issue for them. That being said, there are some other factors that could drag down the Eagles, namely the health of Carson Wentz. In December, Wentz tore his ACL and LCL, which places both his availability and effectiveness at the beginning of the season in doubt. 

If Wentz can't play from the get-go, Nick Foles will step in as the team's fill-in starter. Obviously, Foles played magnificent in the NFC title game and the Super Bowl, which netted him Super Bowl MVP honors, but he's also the same quarterback who posted a 79.5 passer rating during the regular season. In short, we're not really sure what version of Foles we'll get. If Wentz can play immediately, there's no guarantee he'll be as effective as he was before the injury. Wentz relies on his mobility and athleticism to create magic out of nothing, so a bad knee could limit his effectiveness. 

Then again, saying the Eagles will falter in 2018 because of their quarterback situation is a little counterintuitive considering they might just have the deepest quarterback situation in all of football. Just like saying the Eagles will falter in 2018 because they've had to much success is also a little counterintuitive. It's take a bit of effort to come up with reasons to explain why the Eagles might suddenly become bad in 2018.

The most-likely scenario sees the Eagles making their way back to the postseason because their roster is loaded with talent beyond just the quarterback position, and because their coaching staff has already proved its ability to adapt and adjust to key injuries on the fly. McAdoo and others can keep searching for reasons, but at this point, the Eagles should be considered a frontrunner in the NFC.

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