'Draft Day' not performing well at box office

'Draft Day' seems to be struggling. (USATSI) 'Draft Day' seems to be struggling. (USATSI)

The movie, "Draft Day," had plenty of promotion leading up to its release earlier this month. We saw co-stars Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner and Denis Leary all over the place, pubbing the film that showcased the Browns as some kind of draft-day savants (it is, of course, a fictional story).

Despite the NFL's star power and despite a star-studded cast -- and despite the fact I enjoyed the movie -- it is not performing well at the box office.

As boxoffice.com reports (H/T to PFT), the movie has grossed about $19.55 million from the day it was released, April 11, until Sunday. Considering the approximate movie budget was $50 million, that figure isn't so great.

As for whether it's one of the least-successful Costner films of all time, this chart, via boxofficemojo.com, says it's not.

(A quick note: for as disastrous as most people think Waterworld was, it still grossed $88.4 million, the fifth-best total of Costner's long career. And one other piece of randomness: Tin Cup [$53.85 million] made more money than Bull Durham [$50.89 million]).

As for sports movies -- and as my CBSSports.com editor Eric Kay points out -- Costner still has a ways to go before he catches For the Love of the Game. So, overall, I'm guessing this is a major disappointment.

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