Drew Brees called Alexandria Buchanan, Hawaii's female varsity QB sensation, to talk football

When Alexandria Buchanan took over at quarterback for the McKinley Tigers in 2017, the team had nothing to lose. It hadn't won a game in four years, and it didn't look like it was getting better. In just three games, Buchanan -- the first female quarterback to start at quarterback for a varsity high school team in Hawaii -- led the Tigers to a 22-0 win to break its losing streak.

Buchanan also became the first female varsity quarterback in Hawaii to throw a touchdown pass. In 2018, she took over the starting job. but her season was cut short in September after she broke her collarbone taking a sack. The Tigers won three games under Buchanan in that campaign.

Bleacher Report got Saints quarterback Drew Brees in touch with Buchanan after her injury, and he had a talk with the sidelined quarterback.

Brees wanted to know if Buchanan preferred running out of the shotgun or a play action offense (she likes the shotgun), and Brees, who knows a little something about coming back from injuries, said he's had five surgeries, all of them stemming from football. "I admire everything that you've accomplished thus far, and just know that you're gonna come back stronger from this injury, and next year you're going to accomplish great things," he said.

Buchanan isn't done yet, either.

"I'm definitely coming back next season," she told Bleacher Report. "I don't know how my parents feel about it yet, but I will definitely be back. Hopefully stronger than ever. To show everybody what a girl can do."

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