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Drew Brees already has his next job lined up. Whenever he decides he's done playing football, Brees is joining NBC Sports, with the New York Post reporting back in April that he'll be groomed as a potential replacement for Cris Collinsworth on "Sunday Night Football" broadcasts. 

Brees obviously is not done playing yet, though. He signed a two-year, $50 million contract extension with the Saints earlier this offseason, so he is potentially under contract through 2021. Saints coach Sean Payton let slip at one point that he expected the 2020 campaign to be Brees' final season, but he also later backtracked from that. Payton called himself "a big dummy" and then he said that he had no idea if Brees would be retiring. 

"That thing blew up on me," Payton said at the time. "I honestly don't know if it's his last year ... I think his plan is to take it year by year."

Brees himself got the same question (whether the 2020 season will indeed be his last) on Saturday, and as if avoiding a collapsing pocket, he expertly sidestepped it.

"Man, I'm not looking past one day at a time," Brees said, per The Athletic's Larry Holder. 

Clearly, that is not a definitive answer. We know that Brees will play this season at 41 years old. We know the Saints have one of the league's more capable backups (Jameis Winston), as well as a hybrid player in whom Payton has a lot of confidence (Taysom Hill). That doesn't necessarily mean they are all set for their post-Brees future, but they do seem to have options if he decides to hang up his spikes for good after this year.