Eagles announce $125 million stadium expansion at Linc

The Linc's north end zone after the Eagles proposed stadium upgrades. (via Eagles)
The Linc's north end zone under the Eagles' proposed stadium renovations. They hope for a future Super Bowl bid. (via the Eagles)

The Linc is getting a facelift. The Eagles announced Sunday a $125 million "Stadium Revitalization Plan" for Lincoln Financial Field, with the possible end result being a Super Bowl in Philadelphia.

In the shorter term -- two years is the time frame listed for the plan -- the goals are easier to achieve and include boosting HD capabilities, seating expansion, increased ease of entry for fans, integrated Wi-Fi, and suite-level/club-level enhancements among other items.

"We have had discussions with season ticket holders over the past couple of seasons to find out what was important to them. We listened and developed a plan of action," Eagles President Don Smolenski said. "The revitalization of Lincoln Financial Field that will take place over the next two years is a direct result of those conversations. Our main goal when we began this project was to dramatically enhance the game day experience for our fans.

"They deserve an exciting and fun experience when they visit Lincoln Financial Field and we are committed to that."

The HD boards are the biggest upgrade -- the upgrades will feature a new HD video board installed in each end zone along with a boosted-up sound system and the LED ribbon boards will be extended 360 degrees around the stadium.

"This is an exciting and new era for the Philadelphia Eagles," Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said. “Just watching the new HD boards will be fun as the game will be captured in a powerful way for fans. And celebrating players and pivotal moments in games is a wonderful way to showcase the Eagles' proud history as a team. Fans will see these all around the stadium."

The HD upgrade is slated for the 2014 season, the same year the Eagles plan to add 1,600 seats while also making in-stadium traffic smoother by adding two bridges and an additional escalator.

Wi-Fi upgrades inside the stadium -- one of the biggest points of emphasis for the NFL in coming years -- are planned for the 2013 NFL season.

"An integrated wireless network will be installed to service the seating bowl," the Eagles said in a release. "This network, along with a more robust distribution antenna system, will boost connectivity for fans so that they will have better access to stream photos, check fantasy football stats, and more."

So what's the end game here? Obviously to make fans in Philly happier and improve the quality of football games. But with a cold-weather, outdoor Super Bowl about to be played in New York, the Eagles are probably eyeing a potential Philadelphia Super Bowl.

“We’re going to watch that very carefully,” Lurie said . “I’m sure we’ve all been at phenomenal football games outside in December and January. So, absolutely, root for a decent-weather day in New York and New Jersey and we think we’ve got a great city here to host it, a great stadium, and I’m sure others feel the same way.”

If the Big Apple Bowl is a success, Philly could certainly be positioned to get in on the next round of hosting applications. The NFL's shown a willingness to reward cities and clubs that invest in stadiums, whether it's through building or renovating.

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