Eagles' Brandon Brooks says reason behind restructuring contract is to pay Nick Foles

Eagles' guard Brandon Brooks is a Pro Bowler, and he had no reason to restructure his contract, but don't tell him that. Brooks converted some of his base salary from $8.75 million to bonuses, lowering his cap hit from $11.1 million to $4.8 million. It saved the Eagles about $6.4 million in room, elevating their cap to around $8 million from just $1.6 million before the restructure.

However, Brooks isn't giving the Eagles a free pass. He was pretty specific in where he wanted the money to go.

@bbrooks_79 on Twitter

Brooks clearly took to Foles after Foles led the Eagles to a Super Bowl win last season (because of course he did), and it's interesting that Brooks' proclamation comes after the Eagles restructured Foles' deal. Rather than voiding after this season if Foles is still an Eagle, the new deal includes a mutual option for 2019 with a $2 million buyout for Foles, which is equivalent to the bonus he'll get for signing the deal.

This might just be a really subtle way for Brooks to help himself. Restructuring in this case benefits Brooks, it just happens to benefit the Eagles as well. There are layers to how the Eagles are maneuvering around the cap right now, and they may be scrambling to help cover up Foles' restructure. Either way, this move is undoubtedly a mutually beneficial one.

Maybe, of course, we're all overthinking it and this is part of the ongoing campaign to get LeBron James to come to Philadelphia with that "accidental" Cavaliers hashtag that Brooks apologized for later. It's not the most likely scenario, but this is the perfect cover.

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