Eagles' Carson Wentz on his torn knee: 'I am not going to let this change me'

It did not end up derailing what eventually became a Super Bowl-winning season, but the Philadelphia Eagles suffered a devastating blow late in the year when their star quarterback and MVP candidate, Carson Wentz, tore his knee. Wentz scrambled and then dove toward the end zone while attempting to score against the Rams when his knee was pinned between two closing defenders. He remained in the game and threw a touchdown after the injury, but eventually headed to the locker room, where the Eagles discovered that his season was over. 

The play was indicative of Wentz's tremendous skill set and the value he provides not just through the air, but on the ground. However, it was also indicative of the occasional recklessness with which he plays. This was something that was noticeable very early on in his career. As we wrote after just three games

And while he's made a whole mess of plays when leaving the pocket, he needs to learn when to slide if he takes off down the field. He took two huge hits against the Bears that were just completely unnecessary. It's great to see a big, young QB take a hit, dust himself off, and get back up -- but we also don't want to have to see him do that too often.

A serious injury like the one Wentz suffered might cause some players to reconsider their style of play. But not Wentz. "I definitely won't change, so to speak. That's what made me successful this last season and my whole career," Wentz said during a Tuesday radio appearance, per NJ.com. "It is something I've learned since coming into the league -- how to protect myself ... I am not going to let this change me."

Taking away too much of Wentz's aggressiveness would probably turn him into a less effective and special player. Part of the reason he had so much success during the 2017 season, especially compared to 2016, was because he was more willing to take chances on throws downfield, for example. But dialing things back when he's on the run and becoming more willing to slide or go out of bounds rather than take a big hit while fighting for extra yards will help ensure that he stays on the field to do all the special things he proved himself capable of throughout this year. Surely, that's a tradeoff the Eagles would be willing to make. 

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