Eagles' Chip Kelly on Johnny Football: '[Manziel] broke my heart'

Chip Kelly says Manziel broke his heart by decommitting from Oregon. (USATSI)

Pardon Chip Kelly for waxing poetic on college football’s most scrutinized prospect, but the Eagles’ coach just couldn’t help but get caught up in Manziel-mania ahead of the draft.

When pressed for his thoughts on Manziel, Kelly couldn’t help but reminisce on what could’ve been had Johnny Football remained committed to Oregon instead of later pledging to Texas A&M.

“When I coached at Oregon, he was tailor made for [the system],” Kelly said to CSNPhilly. [Cut to every college football analyst nodding head, drooling.]

“He broke my heart. I love the kid. I think he’s a hell of a football player,” Kelly added. 

Kelly’s undeniably right. The Ducks’ up-tempo, spread offense would’ve jelled perfectly with Manziel’s agility, and if anyone could rock the Ducks’ ever-changing, neon threads, it was Manziel. The Ducks didn't make out too badly, though, as dual-threat option (and possible first round pick next season) Marcus Mariota signed with Oregon that same year.

When asked specifically whether the Eagles would consider drafting Manziel, Kelly said, wryly, “We have an interest in anyone that’s draft eligible this year.” 

Philadelphia has the 22nd pick in the draft, but with Nick Foles lighting the league on fire last season, it’s tough to imagine Kelly inviting any sort of QB controversy into the fold. Not to mention, there’s hardly any guarantee that Manziel would be sitting there at 22. He doesn't make it out of the top-5 in any of CBSSports' mock drafts. Still, the possibility of a Kelly-Manziel reunion is tantalizing, albeit unlikely. 

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