Eagles DE Jason Babin asks Twitter if he's been traded to Ravens, clearly joking (we think)

Babin took to Twitter to find out whether he was employed by the Eagles. Click to enlarge. (Twitter)

We can only imagine that Eagles defensive end Jason Babin was joking when he sent this tweet Wednesday afternoon

The backstory: a screenshot (see above left) of a Bleacher Report slideshow titled "5 Realistic Moves the Philadelphia Eagles could Make at NFL Trade Deadline" was forwarded to Babin and he retweeted it to his followers.

Slide 6 suggests that Babin to Baltimore for a third- or fourth-rounder could make sense for both the Eagles and the Ravens because while he "isn’t quite as attractive an offer as he may have appeared to be this past offseason ... The Ravens may be willing to pull a panic move, similar to last year when the Oakland Raiders jumped the gun and traded a ransom to the Cincinnati Bengals for Carson Palmer."

In general, we'd like to think that Babin consults his agent before Twitter when it comes to work-related questions. That and the notion that Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome would be up for some Raiders-inspired roster shuffling is, well, absurd.

The best part to all this? The responses to Babin's tweet (see above right). There's Adam, who explains to Babin that the slideshow was purely speculative. Fran Duffy then writes "Bleacher Report at it again," which prompts Schottey to respond, "yep, totally B/R's fault and not the guy who doesn't know what 'could' and 'potentially' mean." Finally, Babin's teammate, Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper, joins the conversation, first tweeting "Huh?" in response to the trade rumor followed by "What is bleacher report??" 

We have no idea what people did with themselves before Al Gore invented these magical series of tubes.

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