It has become a weekly tradition for Philadelphia media to ask Eagles coach Doug Pederson about quarterback Carson Wentz's job security. That's just the reality for a 3-6-1 team that can't seem to figure out how to rediscover Wentz's magic of years past. And while Pederson stuck to his usual script ahead of Week 12 by committing to Wentz as his starter on Wednesday, the coach first entertained the possibility of sending his quarterback to the bench.

Pederson was clear in his final Wednesday remarks on Wentz that No. 11 remains the team's QB: "Is Carson my starter? He's my starter, end of story," the coach said. "And you guys can blow it up however you want, and that's fine."

But the only reason Pederson permitted the media to "blow it up however you want" is because he opened the door to speculation himself. Asked earlier in Wednesday's press conference about combating outside pressure to turn to rookie QB Jalen Hurts, Pederson acknowledged that "tough decisions have to be made in this business, whether it's a tough decision to move on from a player in the offseason, or the decision now, whether you're gonna make the move at quarterback or not."

Asked to follow up and clarify whether he intended to make a "tough decision" at QB ahead of Monday's game against the Seattle Seahawks, Pederson paused before giving this non-answer: "Not today on Wednesday, no."

Pressed to clarify once more, he hesitated once again: "Um, I'm focused right now on getting better today. I don't know. I mean, I would say no. No."

Finally, asked a third time about Wentz's status and whether Wentz will start against Seattle, Pederson gave in: "Yes."

Wentz, for what it's worth, said later Wednesday morning that he hasn't had any conversations with Pederson about a possible change at QB, saying he's preparing for Week 12 as he always does. But it'd be naive to come away from the coach's conference thinking the Eagles -- or at least Pederson -- are 100 percent dedicated to keeping Wentz at QB1 amid the team's slide. Either that or Pederson simply botched easy (and repeated) opportunities to lay the conversation to rest for another week.