Eagles fan trolls Patriots with billboard outside of Gillette Stadium to rub in Super Bowl win

If you thought that Eagles fans were going to be graceful winners after their Super Bowl LII upset over the Patriots, think again. The Patriots will host the Eagles on Thursday night, and even though it's an ultimately meaningless preseason game, Eagles fans are going out of their way to make sure that the Patriots can't even escape their loss in the friendly confines of Foxborough.

Eagles fan Gina Lewis did so by posting a billboard in Patriot fans' faces, getting it near Gillette Stadium featuring images from the Eagles' Super Bowl win and the aftermath.

It appears that she even got a Patriots fan to pay for it after a bet that was taken on just under two months ago.

If her coworker did, in fact, say that, then someone should remind him what happened the last time the Eagles faced long odds. It didn't go too well for his Patriots. Oh, and he should never underestimate retweet challenges on Twitter. Those things make rounds.

The Eagles and the Patriots will square off on Thursday at 7:30 p.m., and Patriots fans driving in are going to have an unpleasant reminder of what happened the last time these teams met on the gridiron on their way to the stadium. Eagles fans, meanwhile, should feel right at home.

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