Calling a Super Bowl for a major network means major scrutiny -- the entire world is watching and listening to the call. Super Bowl LII was no different, with Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels getting beamed into more than 100 million homes. Many of those homes featured Eagles fans and those Eagles fans were NOT impressed with Collinsworth's work.

A large number of them are so mad, in fact, they have gone to and started signing a petition they hope will get the "most biased and horrible commentator ever" (!) disciplined by NBC for his "constant fawning over Tom Brady and the Patriots."

From the petition:

Chris Collinsworth is the most biased and horrible commentator ever. Being a Philadelphia Eagles fan and having to listen to him constantly talk about the Patriots and hardly ever the Eagles during the game made it almost unbearable. As a professional he has a duty to if not be unbiased at least try to make the game enjoyable for all viewers. His constant fawning over Tom Brady and the Patriots the entire game was disgusting, making it sound like he was a local Boston radio personality and not a commentator for a nationally syndicated football game. His performance brought back recent memories of the horrible job Pete Morelli and his officiating crew did against the Panthers earlier in the year. Please NBC discipline him or at the very least keep him to only commentating on Patroit [sic] games who he so very much loves. 

The Eagles fan being too fired up to double check the spelling or even spell Patriot correctly in the last sentence is my favorite part, especially since this happened during or after an Eagles Super Bowl victory. There is some kind of interest here, though, because more than 35,000 Eagles fans have signed the petition. If the petition crosses 50,000 names will it, like, alert the NFL or something? Who knows. The NFL won't care one bit and neither will NBC. Maybe Collinsworth did not do a perfect job, but he is a really good football commentator. 

Watching the replay via NFL Game Pass, he and Michaels were not great on the Zach Ertz call. Collinsworth said he was "not even taking a guess," but then definitely took a guess and guessed completely wrong.

"I think they have to overturn it," Collinsworth said, before adding "I think this is incomplete."

Michaels agreed with him, which was kind of surprising. Imagine if it was possible to catch a ball here:

via NFL Game Pass

And have it be incomplete here:

via NFL Game Pass

Actually don't imagine that world. It sounds horrible. 

Anyway, Collinsworth and Michaels were also confused about the Corey Clement touchdown -- and potentially shook by the Clement touchdown when assessing the Ertz score? -- earlier in the game, which was indeed confusing. That was a play you often saw overturned this year, and it was confirmed by Gene Steratore's crew according to replay. It was confusing. 

The Philadelphia media didn't appreciate Collinsworth's opinion on the two calls, however.


Plenty of people lashed out on Twitter too. 

Including this fan, who took time out of his interview with a local FOX station in the wake of his celebration to tell Collinsworth to "take that, baby."

One Eagles player, Chris Long, went back and watched the Super Bowl and was also not impressed with Collinsworth's analysis. 

HE'S NOT WRONG. (See: screenshots above.) Long also took umbrage with Collinsworth suggesting he should have been chasing after Tom Brady at one point.

The funny thing about this is Collinsworth definitely doesn't have a rooting interest. He's really good at his job. He got mixed up on the replays and the reviews of the plays in question here, but no one should use this as an indictment of Collinsworth's overall ability.

And Eagles fans know they WON THE GAME, right? Being bitter about an announcer's call of a Super Bowl after winning seems like a waste of resources. If anything, it should be Patriots fans miffed about a couple of plays that didn't break their way during Super Bowl LII. Good luck finding anyone who will feel sorry for them though.