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If you think you had a rough Monday, trust me when I say that it could have been worse: At least you didn't lose $500,000 in the most excruciating way possible. 

According to BetMGM, someone decided to put $500,000 on Seattle to cover as a 6.5-point favorite against the Eagles, and if you watched the game, you may have noticed that for the first 59 minutes and 45 seconds, it looked like an absolutely brilliant bet. 

With the Seahawks leading 23-9 and just one minute left to play, the gambler looked like he was on the verge of making a $455,000 profit, but then things got crazy. On a second-and-10 from the Seahawks' 33-yard line, Carson Wentz threw up a prayer and that prayer got answered as Richard Rodgers came down with a miraculous touchdown catch. 

The craziest thing about the catch is that it actually got tipped before Rodgers was able to catch it while diving to the ground. 

The even crazier part is that despite the touchdown, the bet was still going to pay out because the Hail Mary only cut the lead to eight points (23-15). At that point, the bettor had to be thinking that the Eagles would kick the extra point and he'd get to go home with his $455,000 in profit, but that didn't happen, because the Eagles are coached by Mr. Analytics himself, Doug Pederson. In a situation where you're trailing by eight, the analytical thinking is that you should go for two and that's exactly what Pederson did. 

I'm guessing our bettor was sweating big time as the Eagles lined up for their two-point conversion. Remember, for the bet to lose, the Eagles had to hit the two-point conversion, and well, they hit the two-point conversion, which meant they covered the 6.5 points, which meant that our gambling friend lost his $500,000. Yikes. 

This is why I never bet on Eagles games.