Eagles GM Howie Roseman addresses the possibility of a Carson Wentz contract extension

The Philadelphia Eagles know who their quarterback of the future is: Carson Wentz. In case that wasn't made obvious by his performance over the past few seasons, the point was driven home when the Eagles allowed Nick Foles to walk for a major deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars earlier this offseason. 

And despite speculation that the Eagles might not sign Wentz to a long-term deal due to the fact that he has suffered a season-ending injury the last two years, general manager Howie Roseman says that's not the case. During a radio appearance on Tuesday, Roseman made clear that the team fully intends to keep Wentz around for a long time. 

Wentz is heading into the final season of his rookie deal, but the Eagles do still have the fifth-year option available to keep him on the roster in 2020 if he has not yet signed an extension. With fellow quarterback class of 2016 member Dak Prescott likely to be extended by the Cowboys soon (Prescott was a fourth-round pick and thus does not have a fifth-year option), the market for Wentz's long-term deal could come into focus sometime in the next few months. 

He may not get an extension this offseason unless he is willing to take a slight discount compared to his peak level of performance (to compensate the Eagles for the injury risk they'd be taking), but if he stays healthy and plays well in 2019, he could be in line for an absolute monster contract. Either way, it appears the Eagles don't have much interest in looking elsewhere for answers under center.

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