Eagles' Mychal Kendricks: 'Too many people' tell me I look like Drake

Guess who Mychal Kendricks looks like. (USATSI)

Mychal Kendricks has a personal problem: He looks too dang similar to Drake.

TMZ Sports recently interviewed Kendricks, a linebacker for the Eagles, at an airport somewhere. The topic of the interview? Drake (the rapper, if you're not sure who I'm talking about). During the conversation, TMZ asked Kendricks if people ever tell him that he looks like Drake.

His response?

"Too many people," Kendricks said. "I'll let them decide."

So, because Kendricks clearly wants us to, let's decide. For the benefit of everyone, I got creative and made this truly mediocre work of art, which puts both Drake and Kendricks side by side.

Is that Drake? Or is that Kendricks? (USATSI)

So, what's the verdict?

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