Two months after hitting NFL free agency, one of the league's most recognized pass rushers remains without a team. And unless he's willing to basically cut his initial salary demands in half, Jadeveon Clowney has little chance of coaxing an offer out of the Philadelphia Eagles. Or at least that's according to SiriusXM's Adam Caplan, who reported recently on ESPN Radio that the Eagles would likely only consider the former Seattle Seahawks starter for $10 million or less.

"They're not interested in the player," Caplan told New Jersey's 97.3 ESPN. "Unless he's willing to take a one-year deal at a significantly reduced price -- probably under $10 million or no more than $10 million, I don't even think they make the call. And even then, they're done ... bringing guys in with an injury history."

The Eagles checked in on Clowney's asking price early in the process, Caplan indicated, but once they got an initial idea of his desires, "that was a nonstarter, and that was it."

Early in free agency, the former No. 1 overall draft pick was reportedly seeking north of $20 million per season on a long-term contract. That asking price quickly dropped, per reports, to around $17 million per year, but even so, Clowney's market has been consistently quiet. The former Houston Texans star, who was traded to Seattle just before the 2019 season, recently appeared on local TV in Houston to pitch his services, but has reportedly also turned down multiple offers from several teams, including the Seahawks, Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans.

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman admitted in 2019 that he inquired about Clowney before the defensive end landed in Seattle, and an early May report suggested Philly is still in the running for the pass rusher. But with limited salary cap space beyond 2020 and -- as Caplan noted -- a penchant for avoiding notable injury histories this offseason, the Eagles remain a far-fetched possibility to sign the veteran.