Eagles OL Jason Peters can't remember his social media passwords

Jason Peters has four Instagram accounts. (USATSI)
Jason Peters has four Instagram accounts. (USATSI)

The worst thing about the internet -- besides cat photos -- is definitely all the passwords you have to remember.

If you're on the internet -- and I'm assuming you are because you're reading this -- then you probably have a bank password, an email password, a Facebook password and a NetFlix password you share with at least seven friends. 

When most people forget a password, they usually use a password recovery program. Apparently, Jason Peters isn't most people though. The Eagles offensive lineman has a unique strategy for recovering the password to his Instagram account and that involves not recovering the password at all. 

Now, Evan Mathis has messed with the media before, but he appears to be at least somewhat telling the truth about Peters' many Instagram accounts. Here's a link to a picture from one of Peters' old Instagram accounts.

Below, you can see the first picture from Peters' new Instagram account and if you ask me, that looks like the sad face of someone who can't remember their password. Unfortunately, this strategy doesn't work with online banking. 

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