Everyone might not love the “Color Rush” uniforms -- they can be garish, apparently -- but for strictly nostalgic reasons, it’s easy to get behind throwback jerseys. Which brings us to the Eagles, who sported kelly green unis till 1996 but haven’t worn them since (save the 50th anniversary of the 1960 championship team back in 2010).

Owner Jeffrey Lurie wants to change this, and he submitted a rule proposal that would have allowed a team to wear a matching helmet for their alternate jersey.

“I would love to see it,” Lurie said, via CSNPhilly.com. “I love the midnight green, I think it’s great. But I also want the kelly green. I’d love for us to have both and some games have one and some games have the other. I think that would be more fun.”

Lurie isn’t alone; fans have been clamoring for the kelly green for some time. The problem for the Eagles is that the league has an on-field policy prohibiting teams from wearing alternate helmets, and a midnight green helmet paired with a kelly green jersey just wouldn’t work. Unfortunately, the competition committee told Lurie that the rule wouldn’t pass, and he decided to withdraw the proposal -- for now, anyway.

“They are aware that many teams would like to see this,” he explained. “My hope is that we’ll be able to get it done hopefully by next March.”

Meanwhile, the Lions have cleared all the necessary logistical hurdles and will unveil their new color scheme on April 13. The biggest change: the removal of black from the color scheme, which has been present since 2003.

Some details, via the Detroit News’ Justin Rogers:

Included in the four looks are a traditional home and away uniform, with a simplified outline around the numbering consistent with the removal of black from the color scheme and logo. Additionally, the team looks like it will be bringing back a throwback uniform, similar to the version the Lions used to wear on Thanksgiving day.

Not surprisingly, an image of the possible new looks has made its way onto Twitter, though the Lions had no comment on the authenticity of the image.

“I mean, there were a few things, you guys probably saw this, that were leaked a couple weeks ago. I’m not going to comment on how accurate they were, so there’s interest,” team president Rod Wood said, via the News. “You know, some of the players have seen them because we’ve done some photo shoots and things and they seem to be very excited about it.”

Translation: You’ll have to wait two weeks just like everybody else.