Eagles QB Michael Vick done talking about past (you can read it in his book)

Vick thinks dredging up the past is a distraction for the Eagles. (AP)

A year after Vince Young's ill-fated "Dream Team" remarks, quarterback Michael Vick suggested earlier this month that the Eagles "have a chance to develop a dynasty." Predictably, the comments didn't go over well.

Several days later, Vick stood by his words, pointing out that "That's just me speaking in confidence, and if you ask my teammates, they'd tell you the same thing. That's totally different than the 'Dream Team' comment. This is what we can build if we have the right mindset."

A week later and almost nothing has changed. While Vick still feels that the Eagles can be a dynasty, he'll no longer discuss his past -- at least the one that led to his imprisonment and a 21-month hiatus from football.

"I had say so over when [my] book came out and I chose to release it before the season started because I, over the last three years, have still had the tendency to still get the same questions over and over again, late into the season," he said during a radio interview (via SportsRadioInterviews.com). "I released the book in September because I’m never answering these questions again. If I’m in the locker room and somebody asks me about my past, I’m just going to say, 'I wrote about it.' I never have to speak upon it again, ever, because I don’t want any distractions this year. I want this team to have a clear mindset."

In general, Vick's dogfighting past hasn't been the distraction for the Eagles, it's been the overblown Dream Team-related silliness, the team's glacially slow star in 2011, and the annual calls for coach Andy Reid to be fired.

To be fair to Vick, he didn't guarantee anything with his "Dynasty" talk. In fact, all he said was that he thought the team had a chance to develop into a dynasty. It's like faulting Joe Flacco for calling himself the best quarterback in the NFL. What's he supposed to say?

"The thing is, I didn’t say we were going to go win a championship," Vick pointed out. "I said we have the potential to build a dynasty, and building a dynasty entails winning a championship. That’s talking. I understand our fans expect us to come out and speak upon ourselves as being the best. … That’s the media just trying to create a negative vibe. We know that and we understand that. We looked past that. It’s bigger than that."

Vick's right. Of course, winning a semantical argument won't mean much if the Eagles stumble their way through the first three months of the schedule like they did a year ago. We're pretty sure Vick understands this, too. But the biggest issue facing this team isn't preseason prognostications that might serve as motivations for their opponents, it will be Vick's ability to stay healthy, something he's struggled with during his career.

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