Nick Foles bested Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to disrupt a dynasty, win Super Bowl MVP and bring the Philadelphia Eagles their first Lombardi Trophy.

Five months later, Nick Foles is also happy as can be as a backup.

And if you're an NFL team scouting him for 2019 free agency and happen to have a problem with that attitude, there's a good chance Nick Foles is also happy turning down your money.

Fresh off a book tour in which he skipped meals and dished out thousands of autographs for a memoir that won't pay him a dime, the Eagles quarterback discussed his football future with Jason Romano on Monday's Sports Spectrum podcast. And when asked about his desire to be known as a starting quarterback after his Super Bowl LII heroics, Foles reiterated his commitment to Philadelphia and refuted the notion he needs any validation.

"People still don't quite get it," he said. "Today, in our age, it's all about getting first, it's all about winning the race, it's all about having that title, (but) I've never cared for the title of starting quarterback ... I'm just a quarterback. I'm just who I am. If you have to name me starting quarterback to go be a starting quarterback, then I probably have some issues I need to address."

The comments echo his remarks from throughout the 2017 season, when he assured Philly media during his historic run to Super Bowl stardom that Carson Wentz, the man he was tasked with replacing, remained the face of the franchise. And Foles told Romano he doesn't care too much if that humility is seen by some as weakness, especially as he enters perhaps his final year with the Eagles and faces another opportunity to start in the NFL.

"I would love the opportunity to lead a team in the right situation," Foles said, "but I'm not just going to step into a situation that I don't enjoy the people I'm working with, I don't necessarily like the offense, (or) it's not fun. There's GMs listening to what I'm saying right now, saying, 'I don't want a guy like that. Everything's got to be football ... He's got to want to be a starting quarterback,' and, quite frankly, I don't want to play for you. Because you're not going to get who I am."

Even if it's for less money, Foles added, he said he'd rather remain in a comfortable situation -- like his current one with the Eagles -- than follow a lucrative paycheck.

"And the reason people don't get it," he surmised, "is that's just now how we're ingrained to be right now."