Eagles RB LeSean McCoy confirms he thinks Knowshon Moreno sucks

LeSean McCoy confirmed on Wednesday, that he does in fact think Knowshon Moreno sucks. (USATSI)
LeSean McCoy confirmed on Wednesday, that he does in fact think Knowshon Moreno sucks. (USATSI)

During the second half of Denver's 51-48 shootout win over Dallas on Sunday, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy raised some eyebrows on Twitter when he sent out the following tweet. 

Was McCoy hacked? Does he really think Moreno sucks? Does he always retweet Skip Bayless? The answers to those questions seem to be no, yes and no. 

McCoy wasn't hacked and we now know that because he reaffirmed his 'Knowshon sucks' stance on Wednesday. 

In his weekly press conference, McCoy was asked about his tweet, "I don't want to talk about the past," McCoy said, via CSNPhilly.com. "It is what it is. What I said is what I meant."

McCoy was then asked if he regretted the tweet.

"No," he replied. 

One player who won't have to worry about being told he sucks by McCoy is Tampa Bay running back Doug Martin. McCoy actually opened his press conference by complimenting Martin, "I just want to say I think Doug Martin is a heck of a running back," McCoy said. 

McCoy was then asked if Martin sucks. "Nah. He's one of the better running backs for sure," McCoy replied. The question about Martin led to the question about the Moreno tweet.  

What does this all mean? All we know for sure is that it means in McCoy's world, Moreno sucks and Martin doesn't. 

In the world of fantasy football, McCoy might be able to make a case. Going into Week 6's games, McCoy is leading the NFL with 514 rushing yards, 183 yards more than Moreno's 331-yard season total. For what it's worth, Martin has 342 rushing yards and ranks one spot above Moreno at ninth. 

On the other hand, McCoy's team lost to Moreno's team BY 32 POINTS in Week 4. In the 52-20 shellacking, Moreno ran for more yards (78) and touchdowns (1) than McCoy (73-yards and zero touchdowns).

Of course, McCoy could still be mad that he was drafted 41 spots behind Moreno in the 2009 NFL Draft. Shady was selected 53rd overall by the Eagles. Moreno was drafted 12th overall by the Broncos. 

Oh and if you're wondering, Moreno did respond to McCoy's tweet.

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