The Philadelphia Eagles have one of the rising stars in the NFL with Miles Sanders and are looking to add some insurance behind the talented second-year running back. Carlos Hyde is still on the free agent market and the Eagles are showing interest in the veteran back, according to NFL Insider Adam Caplan on the Inside the Birds podcast.

Caplan explains what Eagles sources have told him they are seeking in a veteran backup for Sanders as they continue to gauge the running back market. Hyde is clearly the best back available. 

"They want to sign a veteran running back," Caplan said. "They're not looking for a scat back, they want a power back who could probably handle -- if Sanders can't play -- they like to get a guy who can handle 12-to-15 carries. They'd like that back to have better versatility and they'd like a guy that could give Sanders a spell during the game.

"The guy I know they have some interest in, and we'll see if it happens, is Carlos Hyde."

Hyde finished with a career-high 245 carries for 1,070 yards and six touchdowns as the featured back for the Houston Texans last season -- the first 1,000-yard season of his career. Hyde has rushed for 4,370 yards and 32 touchdowns in six NFL seasons. 

While Hyde only had 10 catches for 42 yards in 2019, he has caught 59 passes in a season before. Hyde does have that versatility the Eagles seek in a running back, much different then when the team signed LeGarrette Blount in May of 2017. Blount was a limited in his pass-catching abilities and was more of a power back, one the Eagles desperately needed heading into that season. 

Blount was used wisely in the Eagles running back-by-committee approach in that 2017 season, having 173 carries for 766 yards and two touchdowns, finishing with a 4.4 yards per carry average (his highest since 2013). He was just as good in the playoffs, finishing with 29 carries for 130 yards (4.5 yards per carry) and three touchdowns. 

The Eagles are looking for that value out of Hyde (or any veteran running back they sign). Hyde checks all the boxes as a compliment to Sanders, especially since all the starting running back jobs in the NFL are filled. 

"This is a guy they have interest in," Caplan said. "They are looking for a veteran running back. Now, Hyde does turn 30 in September -- but he's been pretty durable lately. They're only looking for one year out of him (a veteran running back) that has a little bit of upside. (Hyde) would be an excellent signing for them."