Eagles sign DeSean Jackson to five-year, $48.5M deal

Philly hopes DeSean can keep torching division opponents for the next five years. (US Presswire)

When Howie Roseman said at the combine that the Eagles wanted to keep DeSean Jackson on a long-term deal, it seemed like lip service. Apparently it wasn't, and the Eagles locked up Jackson on a five-year deal Wednesday.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the contract is worth $47 million, with Jackson receiving $15 million in guaranteed money and a change to escalate the contract to $51 million.

Jackson was given the franchise tag before the March 5 deadline and it was commonly believed Philly would either seek to deal DeSean or let him play out one more year without too much invested into the oft-troubled wideout.

"We are thrilled to be able to keep one of the NFL’s top playmakers in Philadelphia,” said Eagles head coach Andy Reid. “DeSean is a game breaker, he has the speed and ability to score from anywhere on the field, and he has proven himself to be a big threat for our offense. Signing our own players was a big priority for us this offseason and DeSean was certainly high on our list. We are very excited about his future as an Eagle."

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There are some serious concerns with Jackson, despite Reid's optimism. Jackson's one of the most dangerous big-play threats in the game today, but he's not exactly the most consistent wide receiver in the NFL. According to Pro Football Focus, Jackson has 35 drops since 2008; he's not Brandon Marshall, but that's not good.

Additionally, Jackson wasn't the quietest soldier when it came to handling his contract. He felt he was underpaid (and, technically, he was) for several years and didn't take things in stride. There were rumblings when the Eagles extended Trent Cole on Wednesday that Cole had gone about things the "right way" and therefore was being rewarded.

And Jackson's effort was questioned several times in the past. It was believed he didn't give maximum effort in a number of games.

DeSean's getting paid now, though, so he'll have the opportunity to prove people wrong about the issues that have surrounded his career thus far. If he's motivated by getting a contract in hand, it'll be impressive. And it'll also be good for the Eagles, who need to rebound from their disastrous 2011.
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