Eagles want to keep Nick Foles; even Andy Reid says he's not available

INDIANPOLIS -- Logic says that the Chiefs, without a real threat at quarterback and now coached by Andy Reid, should make an attempt to pry Nick Foles, who Reid drafted while in Philadelphia, away from the Eagles.

And speculation says that's what they want to do. But the guys running the Eagles these days -- Howie Roseman and Chip Kelly -- told the media they're not interested in trying to trade Foles right now, and Reid said as much.

"He’s not available," Reid said. "You just had Howie [Roseman] up here, so I think you know that. I’m glad you asked the question. I miss that. Listen, Nick is the property of the Philadelphia Eagles, and I think they like him."

The shot at the Philly media drew plenty of laughs from media around Reid's podium; it's indicative of many of these pressers, where the same question gets asked repeatedly. Kelly was the first of the trio to step up to the podium, and when he wasn't cracking wise Wedding Crashers-style, he was busy deflecting talk about trading Foles.

"I wanna coach Nick," Kelly said Thursday at the 2013 NFL combine. "I wanna spend time with him and see him. I've said it before. I was a big fan of the way he plays the game, his toughness, his ability to throw the ball very accurate."

Roseman echoed that sentiment, saying that the Eagles "like the player" and that they're "not in the business" of dumping young talent.

"[Kelly] told you the same thing he's told us. He wants to coach him, not just see him," Roseman said. "This is a young, talented player who didn't even have a chance to play with all our frontline guys on the offensive line or skill-position players. He's a talented guy. We just drafted him last year. I think this is a different situation than we've had the past couple years where we had quarterbacks.

"We like the player, we like a lot of things about the player, he's a young player in the league and we're trying to accumulate good players. We're not in the business of trying to get rid of our good young players."

Having said all of this, it's entirely possible that Foles ends up getting dealt to Kansas City anyway. The Eagles might not want to move him now, but they might also decide they'd like to have more draft picks and that Foles isn't the guy to run their system.

If they plan on starting Vick and can get a second- or third-round pick for Foles, well, it's absolutely worth considering. Backup quarterbacks are valuable and Foles flashed plenty of talent during 2012.

Extracting a relatively high pick for a guy who might not fit their system is an idea worth pursuing. For the Chiefs it makes a world of sense, especially since they could rule out taking a quarterback at No. 1 overall in the draft and just snag Luke Joeckel. But if you believe anything the Eagles and Chiefs are saying in Indy, it's not happening.

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