Eagles WR DeSean Jackson makes rap video with Snoop Dogg

This is DeSean Jackson rapping in his new video he made with Snoop Dogg. (YouTube)
This is DeSean Jackson rapping in the new video that he made with Snoop Dogg. (YouTube)

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has done a lot of interesting things this offseason, like fire his agent and release a documentary. Now, he can add making a rap video with Snoop Dogg to the list. 

"Diamonds on my Neck," a video featuring Jackson, Yung Chris and Snoop Dogg -- who changed his stage name last year to Snoop Lion -- was released on YouTube on Wednesday. Like any good rap video, there's diamonds, women and a lot of people dancing. The dancing people include Jackson, who might be getting open often this season if he takes those sweet moves to the football field. 

Jackson's budding rap career began in February 2012, when he collaborated with Gillie Da Kid on a video. Gillie's in the rear-view mirror now, though, and Jackson has moved onto bigger rappers like Snoop. You can see the entire Jackson and Snoop video here. But before you click, keep in mind, there is an inappropriate word or two in the video. 

Jackson's video probably won't win any awards, but it's better than Stevie Johnson's rap video, Aaron Maybin's rap song and whatever this thing is the Cincinnati Bengals made in 2005.

Finally, because we can't embed Jackson's video here, we want to make it up to you, so here's the most ridiculous NFL-related rap video ever made -- that's still available on the internet.

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