The Earl Thomas situation lingers over the Seattle Seahawks, with the safety letting it be known he has no interest in playing football until he is paid what he believes he is worth.

And the safety has issued a new ultimatum of sorts to Seattle, posting on Instagram Monday night that he would like to be given an extension or be traded.

There were talks of a Thomas trade during the 2018 NFL Draft, with Seattle hoping to procure a second-round pick from someone in exchange for Thomas. That never materialized, but there is still plenty of chatter about the Cowboys, who made an offer for Thomas midway through the draft, being able to acquire the safety.

Thomas is from Texas and played football at Texas, and the Cowboys trade rumors have existed ever since Seattle eliminated Dallas in 2017, thanks to Thomas telling the team to "come get me" in the offseason.

As far as an extension in Seattle, there are a few things working against Earl. One, the Seahawks just handed safety Kam Chancellor an extension last offseason, only to see him battle injuries to the point he had to walk away from football after 2017

Additionally, the Seahawks are essentially rebooting their entire roster. Thomas might be an exception to the rule, but he is the only leftover member from the Legion of Boom, and the other most prominent member from that defense (Richard Sherman) has not spent the past few months saying anything nice about the Seahawks. That's not to say Thomas won't be a good soldier if he gets paid, but how will he feel out on the field battling with a bunch of new, young pieces on the defense? The answer might be "perfectly fine if he's paid." 

But the Seahawks might not be willing to fully guarantee a huge pile of money for a player who is going to turn 30 after this season and has missed multiple games over the last two years. When he's healthy and on the field, Thomas is one of the best safeties in the game, if not the best safety in the game. 

One more slight problem: whoever Seattle hypothetically trades him to needs to be willing to pay him as well. It's complicated to say the least.

According to Mike Sando of ESPN, Seattle is not in negotiations with Thomas, who is set to earn $8.5 million this year. We could be hurtling towards an ugly resolution for this one way or another.