I've never constructed a full NFL schedule before, but I'd imagine it's quite a complex and painstaking job. I would imagine it gets even more difficult when Ed Sheeran keeps getting in your way.

That's the conundrum NFL schedule-makers are facing these days as they attempt to plot out the 2018-2019 NFL season. Sheeran isn't intentionally trying to be a headache, but his upcoming stadium tour dates have created some complications for the NFL. The singer's tour, which kicks off in August and will run through early November, will hit a number of NFL venues, as well as a few MLB stadiums.

As a result, there are more than a handful of NFL teams that will have to work around Sheeran's performances, forcing them either to play on the road or on a day other than Sunday while Sheeran is in town.

Here are the teams that are likely affected by the redheaded, angel-voiced singer.

Maybe I'm just thinking out loud, but could Ed Sheeran be the biggest impact performer of the 2018 NFL offseason? It's possible!

Detroit Lions team president Rob Wood brought up the Sheeran issue at the NFL Owners Meetings this week, but it wasn't even the wackiest scheduling conflict he had to deal with this year.

NFL fans who aren't fans of Ed Sheeran took to Twitter to weigh in on the news. 

In any case, the league is expected to release the schedule about a month from now, and they'll presumably find a way to work around Sheeran's tour.