Eddie Lacy reportedly has to weigh 250 pounds by Monday to make $55,000

It's about time again for Eddie Lacy to get back on the scale again. 

According to a report from ESPN's Sheil Kapadia, Lacy's next weigh-in with the Seattle Seahawks is Monday. If Lacy weighs 250 pounds or less, he collects $55,000. 

How's he trying to make weight? He's doing some P90X. 

Back on May 15, Lacy had his first scheduled weigh-in. He had to weigh 255 pounds or less in order to collect $55,000, and he weighed in at 253 pounds. He reportedly weighed 267 pounds at the time he signed with the Seahawks, which explains why they included regular weigh-ins in his deal. 

Per ESPN, he has seven weigh-ins scheduled and during the season, he has to get down to 245 pounds or less. Lacy was listed by the Packers at 234 pounds last year, but he obviously did not weigh anywhere close to that amount. 

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