Emmanuel Sanders liked, retweeted highlights of his performance at halftime of 49ers-Saints game

San Francisco 49ers wideout Emmanuel Sanders had himself a great Sunday against the New Orleans Saints. He hauled in a 75-yard touchdown after falling the ground and being untouched. In fact, Sanders was so proud of his performance that he had to hop on social media at halftime. 

From his personal Twitter account, Sanders proceeded to like and retweet several of his highlights from the opening half.

Of course, being on Twitter during an NFL game is against league rules for a player. It's unclear if it was Sanders himself or someone running his account that interacted with the highlights.

Regardless of if it was Sanders himself or not, it's still a violation of NFL rules. According to the rulebook, "During games, no updates will be permitted by the individual himself or anyone representing him on his personal Twitter, Facebook or any other social media account."

Eventually, the retweets and likes were removed from Sanders' account during the second half as someone likely got wind of the rule.

Still, Sanders had quite the day as he hauled in seven passes for 157 yards and a touchdown in a 48-46 49ers win. The speedy wide receiver has been a phenomenal addition to San Francisco's roster since being acquired as he has found the end zone on three occasions and topped the century mark in receiving yards in two separate games.

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