Empire State Building lights up with Eagles, Patriots colors and makes New Yorkers mad

New York may have two football teams (even if they both play in New Jersey), but it is unified in anger toward the Empire State Building the day after the Super Bowl was set. With the Patriots facing the Eagles, it's a nightmare scenario for the city. Either the Jets or the Giants have to watch one of their biggest rivals hoisting the Lombardi. For the Jets, it's more of the same. For the Giants, it's the demise of millions of ringless jokes toward Eagles fans.

The sentiment is nice, to be sure. But it was not received well.

Here's some advice for whoever did this. Lie. Delete this tweet and say it was to congratulate the Jets and Giants on playing football this year. Do anything to make people forget that you were giving credit to two of the most hated teams in the city. Yes it's the Empire State Building; yes, someone almost definitely paid for this; no, that will not make it OK to New Yorkers who see this. Want proof?

Quietly one of the best ones in terms of elitism in the thread.

And the drama never ends.

The "and maybe" really makes this look a lot more earnest than it should be.

Of all of the places in the United States, New York is one of the last whose wrath a social media manager wants to incur. It's not too late to salvage this. Say it was the Jets and Giants. Sell out. Do it before it's too late.

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