'Entourage' star Connolly breaks leg catching pass from Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson helps actor Kevin Connolly cope with his broken leg. (Twitter/@MrKevinConnolly)
Russell Wilson helps actor Kevin Connolly cope with his broken leg. (Twitter/@MrKevinConnolly)

Go "break a leg" isn't just a figure of speech in the acting world anymore, it's an actual thing thanks to Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson was throwing passes with actor Kevin Connolly on the set of the Entourage movie last week when something unfortunate happened: Connolly broke his leg in two places. 

According to director Doug Ellin, the injury took place while the movie was filming.

On Monday, Wilson wrote on his Instagram page that Connolly ran a 'perfect post route' before making the catch that led to the injury. That compliment will probably make Connolly feel slightly better about breaking his leg.

Wilson, Rob Gronkowksi, Tom Brady and several other NFL players are all expected to make cameos in the movie, which is currently slated for a June 12, 2015 release. Connolly's injury isn't expected to slow down production, according to Deadline.com

Besides Connolly's injury, everything else seems to be going smoothly on the Entourage set, especially for Gronkowski and teammate Julian Edelman.

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