EOF Podcast: Is Cam Newton really worth franchise-QB money?

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On the latest Eye on Football Podcast, Will Brinson and Ryan Wilson wonder if Cam Newton's new $103 million contract -- with $67 million in guaranteed -- is worth it.

The short answer: Hell yeah. The franchise quarterback calculus is pretty simple: If you think the quarterback you have is substantially better than whatever you might end up with through the draft or free agency, then you're going to have to pay him. The Panthers clearly feel that way, which explains Newton's franchise quarterback deal.

We also talk about the least shocking news of the offseason: Adrian Peterson returned this week to join the Vikings. There was no way that wasn't happening, right? And now (according to Brinson, anyway) the Vikings have the chance to be a playoff team. (In case you're wondering, Vegas set the over/under for Minnesota's wins at 7.5.)

In the second-least-shocking news of the offseason: Roger Goodell informed the NFLPA that he won't be recusing himself in Tom Brady's appeal. Moving on ...

Finally, we weigh in on Johnny Manziel getting harassed (and his subsequent response to said harassment) at a PGA Tour event over the weekend and whether he's at fault. (Short answer: Nope.)

All right, let's get to this.

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