Ereck Flowers doesn't care what former Giants coach Ben McAdoo says about him anymore

New York Giants tackle Ereck Flowers has not exactly showered himself in glory since debuting in the NFL three years ago. 

Flowers has struggled at left tackle since the Giants drafted him with the No. 9 overall pick out of the University of Miami in 2015, and this offseason the Giants signed Nate Solder to a monster contract to take over on Eli Manning's blind side, bumping Flowers over to the right side of the line. Flowers wasn't happy about that development and stayed away from Giants minicamp for a while this offseason, but he's back now and has been playing on the right side during camp. 

But not all has been uneventful. Earlier this offseason, Flowers' former coach, Ben McAdoo, criticized the tackle for his play and his technique, placing a portion of the blame for Eli Manning's struggles on Flowers' own difficulties in pass protection.

"He can't bend, you got to be able to bend," McAdoo said of Flowers back in July, per the New York Post. "You can run around him on that (right) side just like you can on the other side. Eli just gets to see it, which may help Eli. It's not on the blind side. It's in his vision, so if he is comfortable with what's going on over on the left side, it can help him move in the pocket a little bit better." 

This week, Flowers responded to his former coach, and well, let's just say he's not exactly thrilled with McAdoo, but that he's also not paying his former coach much mind. 

"Anything he had to say to me, he could have said it when he was here with me," Flowers said, per "Anything that he has to say now, I really don't care about. I'm here right now, going into the season just focused on what's ahead of us."

It's good that Flowers' focus is not stuck in the past and that he's just worried about playing well next season, but that doesn't mean McAdoo is, ya know, wrong about Flowers' play. The tackle was easily beaten around the edge quite often over the last few seasons, and largely for the reasons McAdoo stated. At least there's one thing the Giants' former leader got right. 

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