After spending three months as a free agent, it looks like Eric Decker has found the perfect team to play for. Of course, the only problem is that no one knows if that team is actually interested in him. 

During an interview with SiriusXM NFL radio on Wednesday, Decker revealed that he has had his eye on the Patriots as a potential team to sign with. For Decker, one of the biggest draws of New England is that it would reunite him Josh McDaniels. 

"I think the Patriots would be a good fit and being drafted by Josh McDaniels in Denver," Decker said. "I talked with New England last year during the free agency process in June. That is always an option that I would definitely love to entertain."

As coach of the Broncos in 2010, McDaniels brought Decker into the NFL when he made the receiver a third-round pick. Decker then spent four years in Denver, before signing with the Jets in 2014. After three years in New York, Decker got a taste of free agency in 2017, but he didn't sign with the Patriots, even though he talked with them. Instead, the veteran signed a one-year deal with the Titans

This time around, Decker wants to play for a team that has a chance to win the Super Bowl, which is why he finds the Patriots so enticing. 

"I took a few visits and talked to some teams," Decker said of his free agency tour this year. "At this point in my career, I want to go somewhere where I can compete for a Super Bowl and be in a good system and be with a quarterback that my skill set would be an addition to the team."

Although Decker is interested in the Patriots, there's no guarantee they would be interested in him. Over the past three months, the Patriots have added multiple receivers, including Cordarrelle Patterson and Jordan Matthews. On the other hand, the Patriots might consider taking a look at Decker, and that's because they're dealing with a few issues at the receiver position. 

Not only did they trade away Brandin Cooks and lose Danny Amendola in free agency, but they're also dealing with the potential short-term losses of Julian Edelman (Four-game suspension) and Malcolm Mitchell (knee injury). Bill Belichick loves bringing in veterans who can quickly contribute and Decker definitely fits the bill on that. 

Of course, Decker isn't putting all his eggs in one basket. If he doesn't hear from the Patriots, it sounds like he would also be interested in a return to Denver. 

"Listen, there's no holdup on my end," Decker said earlier this offseason, via Pro Football Talk. "So whoever you need to call for me, whoever you need to reach out to, please do. Not only is the team one of the greatest organizations in the NFL, but just the community. This is home for us."

I think what Decker is trying to say is that if you're with the Patriots or Broncos, please call him soon.