There may not be a more inspiring example of "shooting your shot" than John Goehrke.

The Patriots fan and University of Missouri student flung up a prayer during last year's Super Bowl when he offered to take Canadian tennis star Genie Bouchard on a date if the Pats completed a miraculous comeback and beat the Falcons. Banking on New England to climb back from a 28-3 deficit was a long shot, as was hoping Bouchard would agree ... but the Patriots did, and so she did. 

The story could have ended there and it would have been nothing short of improbable. But not only did Bouchard and Goehrke proceed go on that date -- they attended a Brooklyn Nets game together not long after Super Bowl LI -- but they also continued to hang out. Goehrke visited Bouchard at her house in December, and the two were photographed together on a beach in Miami not long after that.

Bouchard and Goehrke went on their first date in February, to a Nets game in Brooklyn.  USATSI

Now, a year after their original connection, it seems they're heading back to where it all started: the Super Bowl. 

Bouchard and Goehrke will likely be in attendance at Super Bowl LII in Minnesota a few weeks from now, and they'll be guests of the league. The NFL Canadian Twitter account (which is a real thing, apparently) invited the pair to the game on Monday, and it appears they're accepting that invite.

It's still somewhat of a mystery if Bouchard and Goehrke are romantically involved or just friends, but their relationship definitely seems to be a legitimate one and not just a social media ruse at this point. Either way, Goehrke has still managed to put up a one-in-a-million shot and turn it into an unlikely bond and, now, a free trip to the Super Bowl.

For that, I salute you, John Goehrke. Your story is an inspiring one that provides a faint glimmer of hope to anyone with an ambitious celebrity crush, and it feels safe to say that almost everyone is rooting for you. At this point, the entire internet is like a proud parent to you, whether you like it or not. Don't let us down.