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The dominos from last year's bombshell college admissions cheating scandal continue to fall. Former Canadian Football League player David Sidoo pled guilty Friday for his participation in the scandal. He was accused of hiring someone to take the SATs in place of his two sons.

The now-businessman officially gave his guilty plea for a mail fraud conspiracy charge in Boston federal court. As a result, he has to spend 90 days in prison and pay a $250,000 fine.

Sidoo apparently gave the admissions consultant who was central to this scheme $200,000 to have a person pose as his sons with a fake ID to receive higher scores on the SAT. The report from the Associated Press does not make it clear if it worked out in his or his son's favor -- prior to the whole getting arrested part, of course.

The former CFL defensive back is now part of a group of almost two dozen parents who have pled guilty to charges stemming from this scandal, a group that includes "Desperate Housewives" star Felicity Huffman. The sentences for parents have ranged from no time to nine months. Huffman was sentenced to two weeks. 

Sidoo, a Canada native, spent six years in the CFL, playing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and BC Lions. After retiring, he started working as a broker, and eventually became a founding shareholder in an oil and gas company that was sold for $600 million in 2010.