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Andrew Luck might be retired from the NFL, but it seems he hasn't lost his love for football. The former Colts quarterback was spotted throwing passes at a high school football practice this summer in a move that comes just two years after he shockingly made the decision to retire. 

Although there's been no indication that Luck is planning on making an NFL return, he was definitely testing his arm out while practicing with the players at Summit High School in Colorado in late July. 

According to the Summit Daily, Luck did a little bit of everything at practice. The day started with the QB meeting with the coaching staff and during their time together, the group conversation centered around football. Luck even helped the coaching staff diagram a pass protection. 

After meeting with the coaching staff, Luck actually TOOK PART in practice. The 31-year-old, who turns 32 on Sept. 12, decided to serve as the scout team quarterback for the junior varsity, and once that happened, every kid on the field had one goal, according to Summit head coach James Wagner. 

"The kids are all trying to get picks on Andrew so they could say that," Wagner said. "We almost had one."

During his time at practice, Luck also did a question-and-answer session with the players. 

If you're wondering how Luck ended up at a high school football practice in Colorado, it's because he made it happen. Luck met an assistant coach on the team through a mutual friend last summer while at a Breckenridge ski resort. One year later, Luck called the coach up and asked if he could attend practice. 

Despite his surprising return to the football field, Luck hasn't given any indication that he plans on making an NFL comeback. Back in early February when the Colts still didn't have a quarterback for 2021, team owner Jim Irsay was asked about the possibility of Luck coming out of retirement and he made it clear that Luck was "definitely retired."

"I'll say this ... (to) Colt fans: I think (we) need to kind of really digest this fact that he's more retired now than he was a year and a half ago," Irsay said at the time. "I mean, he is retired ... Only Andrew knows, of course, because it's his decision, but I can only say that he definitely is retired and there's really no wiggle room or anything, as much as people would like to hear that."

Luck might not be looking to return to the NFL, but it's clear that playing football isn't completely out of his system yet, which leaves the door just slightly open for a possible comeback at some point down the road.

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