Maybe Chip Kelly's practices weren't as crazy as we all thought.

When Kelly entered the NFL in 2013, he was well-known for his strictly-timed, fast-paced practices that called for players to be moving around almost non-stop for the entire duration of the practice.

Apparently, not everyone on the Eagles' roster was a fan of what Kelly was doing.

Take Cedric Thornton, for instance.

Cedric Thornton is already comparing his new team to his old team. USATSI

The former Eagles defensive lineman spent three seasons playing under Kelly before signing with the Cowboys in March. After only three months in Dallas, Thornton has noticed some big differences between the way the Cowboys practice and the way the Eagles used to practice.

"A lot more aggressiveness, a lot more impact in our walkthroughs, and they expect us to be in better condition than we were in Philadelphia," Thornton said, via the Dallas Morning News. "Coach Garrett, Coach Marinelli, all the coaches around here have very high expectations for us right now going into the OTAs and going into the minicamp, so are the training camp expectations. It's definitely different in that aspect as far as Philadelphia, but I like it. I love it."

There's at least three entities here who won't be thrilled to hear Thornton's comments: Kelly, the Eagles and Andy Reid. Reid was the Eagles coach during Thornton's first two seasons in the NFL, so it's completely possible that Thornton was referring to Reid's practices.

If Thornton's goal was to fan the flames of the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry, he definitely did a good job. Thornton better be sure he practices extra hard before the Cowboys play the Eagles next season, because it would be kind of embarrassing to lose to a team that doesn't practice as hard as your current team.