Somehow, some way, quiet, blue collar football guy Dave Gettleman has managed to become a lightning rod for controversy. Gettleman mocked reporters/writers for questioning his selection of Saquon Barkley No. 2 overall and has continually defended the pick in loud fashion. His pick of Daniel Jones at No. 6 overall this year has certainly been met with some interesting reactions! Odell Beckham, who was traded by the Giants to the Browns less than a year after Gettleman signed him to an extension, has not spoken highly of his former GM.

Also not a fan of Gettleman? Former Giants safety Landon Collins. Collins, who was let go by the Giants this offseason and landed inside the division when the Redskins gave him a massive $84 million pay day, has publicly refused to mention the Giants by name

He was asked on NFL Network what he would say to Gettleman during pregame warmups when he plays that other team. And Collins answer was that he'd ideally like to run through him. 

"What would I say? I would try to tell one of my defensive back coaches to throw the ball in that direction," Collins said. "Give a nice little thud. A little run over. A quick little [grunt]. Make it a little subtle."

Asked by host Mike Garafolo if "thud" means "don't go to the ground" -- basically a free pass to say "yeah I would just bump him not knock the old man over" -- Collins did not seem to indicate that. 

"I don't think he's got the skill level to stay on his feet," Collins replied.

In other words, it sure does seem like Landon Collins' preferred method of greeting his old boss on the field before a game would be to "accidentally" come flying over and knock him to the ground.

That would be pretty funny ... except it doesn't sound like Collins is kidding! I mean, it's still kind of funny, but Gettleman is also a 68-year-old man. If Collins comes flying in and smashes into him during warmups he could break a hip or something. 

Collins has been pretty open about his disdain for the Giants organization over the last few months. He signed with a division rival, which is usually a sign that spite is involved, although somewhat less so when there is $84 million involved. 

He's also not the only guy on the Redskins roster who has an active grudge going with Gettleman. Washington cornerback Josh Norman was the first defensive back to become an arch enemy of Gettleman. Norman, who this offseason said the Redskins should pay Gettleman since his actions are "winning for us," was let go by the Panthers and Gettleman when he was GM in Carolina. Gettleman famously rescinded the franchise tag he put on Norman when the cornerback threatened to hold out and Norman immediately became a free agent at which point he signed a huge deal with Washington.

Collins claims he has some big plans in store for the Redskins-Giants games when the two teams meet, although he mostly just called it something "special" without diving into the details of said plans.

Apparently those plans involve a not-so-friendly low-course collision with the guy who let him leave New York.