The NFL’s free agency period started off with a bang on March 9 when the Browns surprisingly decided to trade for Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler. Although it will be tough for any team to pull off a more shocking move, apparently, there’s a chance the Seahawks will give it a try. 

Former NFL general manager Michael Lombardi believes that Seattle would be willing to trade Richard Sherman “for the right deal.” The well-connected Lombardi, who spent the 2014 and 2015 seasons working for the Patriots and has been working in the NFL since 1984, explained his thought process on ‘The Ringer NFL Podcast.’

“I truly believe, based on what I hear around the National Football League, that the Seahawks would in fact, for the right deal, trade Richard Sherman,” Lombardi said. 

Lombardi also added that the corner position just isn’t that pivotal in the Seahawks’ defense. 

“In Seattle’s scheme, the corner is really not the most important player in the scheme,” Lombardi said. 

The former Browns general manager then pointed out that getting rid of Sherman could potentially be a good thing for the Seahawks and the team that trades for him. On Seattle’s end, trading Sherman would free up some serious money because he’s scheduled to make $11.4 million (2017) and $11 million (2018) in each of the next two seasons.  

According to Lombardi, the Seahawks might even be having a little buyer’s remorse with Sherman. 

“I think Seattle really thought twice about paying Richard Sherman. They felt they had to when they won the Super Bowl,” Lombardi said. “Now their cap’s kind of a mess and they need to fix it. So I think the reason they need to fix it is because they put all that money in the corner position in a defense where we feel like you can draft players to fit that scheme. Seattle did it, they’ve done it over and over again.”

For a team looking to add Sherman -- Lombardi specifically mentioned the Saints -- those numbers might not phase them because they’re well below what the top-paid corners are making now. For instance, the Patriots just signed Stephon Gilmore to a deal that averages $13 million per year. Free agent Malcolm Butler, who’s being targeted by the Saints, is reportedly looking to sign a deal that’s similar to Gilmore’s, meaning Sherman’s deal is almost a bargain. 

Now, just because Lombardi has NFL people telling him that the Seahawks are open to a trade doesn’t mean it will happen. However, if the Seahawks were thinking about trading him, this would seem like the offseason to do it. Sherman blew off the media several times this season, clashed with Seattle’s offensive coordinator and battled injuries for most of the year. That’s the kind of combination that potentially makes you expendable.