Ex-NFLer Phillip Buchanon invented ridiculous twerking board game

A twerking board game now exists. (TMZ Sports)

Former NFL cornerback Phillip Buchanon -- who has been in the news lately for his book, New Money: Staying Rich, in which Buchanon details the story of his mother claiming he owed her $1 million after he was drafted by the Oakland Raiders -- has apparently invented a board game based on competitive twerking.

The game is called "Twerkin-It" and the winner is determined by who can perform the dance best. Per TMZ Sports, "Players spin to determine which twerk move they must perform (there are many, consult YouTube), with the bad twerker having to swallow their pride and take a shot of liquor."

"I did it in two nights, I saw everyone was twerking so I thought, 'What if there was a game that people could play to keep the party going?,'" Buchanon said, also indicating that he wants to find a female endorser in addition to the support he's received from Flo Rida, Pleasure P and Uncle Luke. As for who his top choices would be? "Rihanna, Beyonce, Kim K (Kardashian), Amber Rose or Miley Cyrus."

Twerkin-It's Instagram account indeed has numerous pictures of Buchanon posing with various people and their copies of the game, as well as short videos of people actually playing it.

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