If Marshawn Lynch had gotten his way six years ago, Beast Mode would have gone into Cheese Mode in Green Bay.

Cheesehead Mode, that is. 

During the 2010 NFL season, Lynch was apparently so desperate to get out of Buffalo that he asked a few Packers players to do him a favor: Talk general manager Ted Thompson into working out a trade with the Bills. 

Not only did Lynch make the request, but he made it during a game against Green Bay in 2010, according to former Packers tight end Jermichael Finley.

Finley brought up the story during an interview on the Two Deep NFL Podcast this week.

As Finley explains it, Lynch came up to him and Aaron Rodgers during a Week 2 game that the Packers won, 34-7. 

"We were running off the field -- and this is when he was playing for the Bills -- it was halftime actually," Finley said. "Me and Rodgers were running to the locker room and Lynch hit us on the shoulder and said 'Tell Ted Thompson to come get me.'"

None of this is a complete shock: Lynch pretty much hated Buffalo from Day 1, when he was drafted 12th overall in the 2007 NFL Draft. A move to Green Bay probably made perfect sense for Lynch, because the Packers were a good team who were being led by his former Cal teammate (2004), Aaron Rodgers.  

According to Finley, it was actually pretty common for opposing players to beg for a job with Green Bay.  

"That's the thing that you deal with in the NFL. Those guys who are playing with the Buffalo Bills or even the Cleveland Browns and they want to get to a team, where they can for sure win a ring," Finley said. "I don't doubt those guys at all. That's what you play the game for, to win a championship."

In the end, Lynch did get out of Buffalo and won a championship, so things kind of worked out. Three weeks after the Bills-Packers game in 2010, Lynch was traded to the Seahawks, but, who knows, maybe Lynch still ends up in Green Bay. 

Although Beast Mode retired back in February, he's still technically an active player because he hasn't filed his retirement papers. If he decides not to file them, Seattle might have to cut him, because as of right now, his contract still counts against the Seahawks' salary cap. 

Apparently, Marshawn Lynch wanted to play for the Packers. (USATSI)
Apparently, Marshawn Lynch wanted to play for the Packers. (USATSI)