Former Patriots star Richard Seymour might be better at poker than he is at football.

After winning three Super Bowl rings in New England, Seymour was on the verge of possibly adding another piece of coveted jewelry to his personal collection: A diamond bracelet, which goes to the winner of the Main Event at the 2019 World Series of Poker.

Although Seymour came close to collecting the bracelet, he won't be taking it home after being eliminated from the tournament on Wednesday during the fifth day of action. Seymour went into the day with 2.75 million chips, but ended up losing them all to finish in 131st place. Although that might not sound impressive, it was an incredible showing by Seymour, who outlasted more than 98 percent of the field. This year's main event featured  8,569 entrants, which means that Seymour lasted longer than 8,438 other players. 

Seymour's impressive finish means that he'll be taking home some serious prize money. For finishing in 131st place, the former Patriots star will be leaving Las Vegas with $59,295. (The entry fee for the main event was $10,000, so Seymour will walk away with a profit of $49,295).

Despite the fact that he didn't win, Seymour still seemed happy with the way he played. 

"As a competitor, you always want to still be in it," Seymour told Poker Central after being eliminated. "You just have to try and go out and make the best decisions possible and today I had a day where I had to fold a lot of hands. I was in some pretty sick spots, I'm happy with my decisions and that's all you can do in this game. You let the cards fall where they may and it just didn't go my way."

Although Seymour was happy with his decisions, he'll likely be regretting at least one of them. At one point on Wednesday, Seymour got dealt pocket 10s on a hand where he was going up against an opponent who had 6-5 offsuit. The percentages were in Seymour's favor, but he decided to fold after his opponent went all-in following the flop. 

Seymour ended up getting eliminated on a hand that any poker pro could have lost on. The former Patriots player was dealt a K-4 off suit, which looked good when a king came up on a flop that went Kc-6h-2d. After a queen came up on the turn and another king on the river, Seymour figured he was a lock to win with three kings. However, one of his opponents had been dealt pocket queens, which means that opponent won the hand with a full house (Three queens, two kings).  

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If Seymour could have made it to the final table, not only would he have had a chance to take home a diamond bracelet, but he'd also have a shot at winning the $10 million in prize money that will be handed out to the winner of the main event. 

Seymour pulled in a total of $89.5 million during his 12-year playing career, which included seven trips to the Pro Bowl. The 2001 first-round pick spent the first eight seasons of his career with the Patriots before signing with the Raiders and spending four years in Oakland (2009-12). 

As for his poker career, Seymour is no slouch. Including the money he won at the main event, Seymour has now collected more than $600,000 in career winnings

You can check out the updated chip count at the end of Wednesday's action by clicking here. You can also catch live, exclusive streaming of all the action at the 2019 WSOP by clicking here and heading to CBS All Access.