Ex-Raiders teammate claims Khalil Mack will 'obviously' be a Hall of Famer

There's no shortage of superlatives for Raiders defensive end Khalil Mack, a rising NFL superstar and one of the five best defensive players in the league despite just being in the third year of his career with Oakland.

Bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander, a former Raiders teammate, told ESPN before Sunday's Bills-Raiders game he sees Mack as a "monster" who is "obviously" on a collision course with Canton.

"He's a monster," Alexander said. "I think everybody knows that. His game speaks for itself. There's not too many guys that have his size, athleticism and passion and the work ethic for the game all within one person. That's why he's so dynamic.

"Obviously, if he continues to maintain his health, he's going to be a Hall of Famer. He just continues to grow each and every year as far as understanding how to play the game of football from a mental standpoint."

Mack has already established himself as a do-everything, destroy-everyone type of defensive player. He's an animal in the pass rush and he's a beast against the run as well (Mack was dinged a little for his sack numbers as a rookie and that was silly).

He creates disruption at the line of scrimmage. And he's not afraid to pick off a pass and take it to the house either.

Mack wasn't done terrorizing Cam Newton either, sacking the Panthers quarterback to finish off the game.

That production put him rare territory.

Alexander, a cagey veteran who is having a rare mid-30s breakout this year, might be onto something.

It's a long way home for anyone in their third year to be a Hall of Famer, but there's no question Mack has the talent and drive to end up wearing a gold jacket one day.

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