The NFL replay system has led to some major controversies in the league over the past few years, but one thing the league has never had to deal with is the replay system crashing during the middle of a game, or at least, that's what we all thought. 

Apparently, the replay system has crashed before, and it happened during the middle of a game in 2016. The story of the crash comes from Dean Blandino, who was the NFL's head of officiating at the time. Blandino revealed the details behind the crash during a recent on the "Mike Delivers" podcast with Mike Bisceglia. 

The system crash happened on Thanksgiving Day 2016 while the Lions were hosting the Vikings. According to Blandino, the league had brought in food for the staff to enjoy for the holiday, which on the surface, sounds like a good idea. However, that nice gesture nearly turned into a disaster when someone decided to microwave the Turkey Day dinner. 

The problem? The microwave was plugged into an outlet that shared an electrical circuit with the replay system, and that's when all hell broke loose. 

"We took the microwave, plugged it in, but they plugged it into the same outlet, the same circuit that the replay system was plugged into, and when they turned the microwave on, the whole thing went down," Blandino said, via Yahoo Sports. "So we were down for maybe like two minutes while they fixed it. The game was going on, but thankfully we didn't have any replay reviews, but we kind of shut down the system because we wanted to heat up the stuffing for Thanksgiving in the microwave."

As Blandino noted, there weren't any reviews initiated during the two minutes that the system was down, which is good news for the NFL, because this is a situation that could have turned into total chaos. The Vikings-Lions game ended up being close (Detroit would win 16-13), so any potential replay reversal could have had a major impact on the game. 

Fortunately, there were no questionable calls on the field while the system was down, so the NFL was able to keep this situation under wraps... until now, when Blandino decided to spill the beans. I'm guessing the league has probably found a new outlet for the microwave in the replay office.