Expect changes to Color Rush in 2018, but the NFL isn't scrapping the uniforms altogether

The NFL's Color Rush program could be undergoing a slight change in 2018, but make no mistake, the monochrome uniforms will be around next season. 

League sources told CBSSports.com that current plan is to give teams more "flexibility" in regards to their Color Rush uniforms in 2018. This means that, instead of Thursday, NFL teams could end up wearing their Color Rush uniform for a Sunday game or a Monday game, if that's what they prefer. Teams could also still potentially end up wearing them on Thursdays. 

Although we know the Color Rush uniforms are coming back, the actual days that teams will be allowed to wear them isn't set in stone yet, and a final vote is expected to come down at the NFL's spring league meeting, which runs from May 21-23 in Atlanta. NFL.com adds that there could be "some other tweaks to the uniform policy" that also get voted on. 

The future of the NFL's Color Rush uniforms became a hot topic on Tuesday after an executive at Fox Sports said the league was going to dump them for Thursday games. During an appearance at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas, Fox's executive vice president of programming, research and content strategy, Bill Wenger, said the uniforms were going away

Wenger was talking about Thursday football, because, back in January, Fox spent $3.3 billion to purchase the rights to "Thursday Night Football" for the next five years. 

It's not a surprise that the NFL has decided to offer teams more flexibility as far as Color Rush uniforms go, because, the league has been doing that since last year. In 2017, any team that wasn't scheduled to play a Thursday game  -- not including Thanksgiving -- was given the option to wear their Color Rush jerseys on a Sunday. The Chargers and Giants are two teams that took advantage of that. 

The league also gave teams the option of switching their Color Rush uniform, which is what the Redskins, Eagles and Dolphins all did last season. The Redskins actually proposed a rule change last year that would have allowed teams to opt out of wearing Color Rush uniforms, but they pulled the proposal before it was voted on. 

Although it's not clear if teams will be able to completely opt out, we should find out in May when the league's 32 owners vote on any and all uniform-related issues for 2018. The Color Rush campaign started in 2015 as a way for the NFL to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the league's first color broadcast. 

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