Experts give up on Ryan Fitzpatrick, finally

Sometimes, it takes a little longer for people in the analytics business to come to the same conclusions the ordinary observes comes to. Analysts like to study every little thing and subject it to measurement, while everyone else just goes on common sense.

On Tuesday, Pro Football Focus came to the conclusion most people did some time ago.

The Ryan Fitzpatrick Era is over.

“Fitzpatrick is just too inconsistent to be worth waiting for,” writes analyst Sam Monson, “and the net performance you get from him over the season is not going to be high enough to justify it.”

The analytics website hasn’t graded Fitzpatrick above 50 yet in the last month, and gave him a 21.4 mark for his outing on Monday, the worst grade they have ever handed out.

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Fitzpatrick has compiled five touchdowns against 11 interceptions, a far cry from the franchise record 31 scoring plays he recorded last season. When not facing pressure from the Cardinals, he earned his seasonal average grade from PFF.

Which means, basically: this is as good as it gets.

Against pressure, he completed just under 49 percent of his attempts for less than five yards per play for a rating of 35.7, a number Monson contends would have actually been better had the quarterback merely thrown the ball onto the ground on every play.

The Jets are in full rebuilding mode, their last chance to make any noise with their stable of veterans (Fitzpatrick, Marshall, Revis) clearly gone. Now, they must turn to their young players and start moulding them for what they hope is a brighter future.

“Eventually, Fitzpatrick will put it together again and have a great game over the remainder of the season,” Monson says. “Does that actually serve the team anymore, though? It’s time to sit him down, give Smith or Petty 10 games, and start building for 2017.”

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